Pousada Paraíso

Tel/Fax: (24) 2223-3670 / 2223-4034
Email: paraiso@pousadaparaiso.com.br



On weekends, holidays, events and holidays, dinner is prepared in our second restaurant, located just a few meters from the first.

A very pleasant place, where you can watch your dish being prepared in our open kitchen. Candles, lamps and suplats produced in our studio arts decorate our lounge!

The dinners usually have the touch of Chef Bernard Lacombe! A delight!

Every night there is a soup entry, followed by a main dish and dessert.
The main course varies according to the day. We usually offer fondue, trout in the region, fresh pasta and other specialties of Paradise.
The dinner starts at 20h and ends at 23h.

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