Pousada Paraíso

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Fireplace Suite1

Satellite TV (10 channels), fridge, bathroom, hair dryer, king size bed, ceiling fan and fireplace.

There is a balcony with a hammock and garden view.

Great Kiskadee
The Great Kiskadee, Pitangus sulphuratus, is a passerinebird. It is a large tyrant flycatcher, sometimes its genus Pitangus is considered monotypic, with the Lesser Kiskadee (P. lictor) separated in Philohydor.
One of Brazil´s best know birds. Its songs like the syllabes os its popular names, both in English and Portuguese (“bem-te-vi”). A generalist, capable of adapting to a variety of habitats, it feeds on a wide range of items from fish and tadpoles to leftovers of human food.

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