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Fireplace and hydro suite

Satellite TV (10 channels), DVD, fridge, bathroom, hair dryer, king size bed, ceiling fan, fireplace and double hydro.

This suite offers the jacuzzi within the room.

Rufous Hornero
The Rufous Hormero, Furnarius rufus, is a large ovenbird from eastern South America. The plumage is overall reddish brown with a dull brown crown and a whitish throat. Both sexes look alike, and juvenile birds ar slighly paler below. There is some clinal size variation from north to south due to Bergmann´s Rule. Rufous Hormeros feed on insects and other arthropods obtained by foraging on the ground while walking. A popular bird, well known for its nest made of mud in the shape of an oven. It frequently drops to the ground to look for food or mud for its nest. The pair sing in duet from a branch near  their nest, marking their territory.

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