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Mountain Tracks

Have a nice walk through the mountains trails of Paradise! The view is astonishing and our guide will be always with you.

Come and you will see up close the birds, the native plants and the flowers. Bring a camera with you, they worth a picture! Choose the trail you prefer (or all of them, if you want!) and be prepared for an unforgettable adventure.

Cipó Trail – This is a light walk about one hour. The beginning is a short climb from where we reach the sight of the stone Maria Comprida. Soon after, we will enter the Mata Atlantica (the Atlantic Rainforest), where we can observe several birds, native plants and flowers. At the Paradise, there are about 220 species of birds, and, walking silently, you can see or hear them without difficulty. Other animals need a little more luck to be seen, as the small monkeys that roam the forest… Steps foward, we pass a pretty well and the journey ends!

Nascentes Trail – Light walk, about two hours and 2,6 km. You can appreciate and drink pure water that springs from the stone. By the way, “Nascentes” means “water fountains”. The ferns, small carnivorous plants, the “tree-aligators” and bromelias, among others, can be observed and photographed very closely. Steps foward, we pass a pretty well too.

Jequitibá Trail – This delightful trail takes about four hours, and requires a little more effort than the others we have at the Pousada. A good shoe ou boot-specific, water to drink and a stick are the key to the ride to be super nice. It has no steep climbs, but long lasting. The Pousada main house is 1000m high and this track reaches 1500 meters (so just imagine the panorama we have…). Each step has its merit. The amount of ferns is amazing. The birds follow us and, if we go silently, Guan families come in to the make a brief visit. We find water to refresh us and quench our thirst! Ideal for nature lovers.


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